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2010-03-13 21:12:35 by landonLC

if u havent watched vevo yet u need to.itsan alsome place to watch musc vitios.Vevo also has an youtube acount so u can check that out.Vevo has every tipe of music.So now theres another web sight that ill be on that isnt newgrounds.hers a link to



2010-02-26 05:30:01 by landonLC

i have now made it to lv.6.a nother step to makwing it up to the top. cant wait for Lv.7.


2010-02-22 21:04:02 by landonLC

you should all get accounts on can send messeges.make or wright quizzes,poems songs,polle.It's a realy fun sight.It's also owned b the best tv chanal you should go to an acount and pm me on that landon7568lc on there.


pm me

2010-02-21 19:55:25 by landonLC

pm me im verry bord so pm me and a hobo might give u a cookie.


2010-02-16 20:10:26 by landonLC

the sound on my computer is not im not going to wright revews on the adio portal for a wile,or vote.the worst part is no music vidios on youtube.

piviot and a random poem

2010-02-15 20:55:53 by landonLC

i made two piv. flash animations but it wont let me update im sorry;gripe about it to newgrounds staff not theres not gona be no flashes for me

i fell like makeing a poem.dont complain about spelling if theres any erors-
do u remember what its like to be a kid or teen
where yourer always in a dream
wishing for all you dreams to come true
as f it where like tying a shoe
one thing that i know about this stage in life
is that youll never want it to go away
so never forget
what you get
so your dreans may come true.=)

piviot and a random poem

Happy valentines Day (almost).

THE one i love is most beauoful one i am in love with
i love her throw day and throuw night
Remembering the good times but the fights
i fell one way about a girl that i dont fell with any othe
i dont know why
i dont care why
these words that leave my lips are promised
to the one i love
i will always love you.

By, me

this came straight from the hart

happy valentines day {with poem}

need help? / my newgrounds.

2010-02-04 19:55:41 by landonLC

alright i have a lot to say so im going to squeese it all into one here it goes{two post in one}

Need Help
how do you make a flash.i have so many good ideas; but i dont know how to make them. so could some kind newgrounds user tell me how to make a flash moive.i would be so grat-full if u could help me out on this please.

My Newgrounds
i would like everyone to know how cool my new grounds is and i would also like everyone who dosnt have a newgrounds to get one.for those who are already members i might no be all that much but you should check out my favorits and please fill free to wright revews on my art;you should vote 8, 9 or 10.or my favoret art.ive unlocked alot of medals.

For thoes who do not ahve accounts on newgrounds its a lot aof not a newgrounds expert but heres what i do know; you can submit art,adio, or flah movies and games{i only know how to do the art} and you cand add other peoples stuff to your favorits.One of my favorit things is to unlock medels, each medal is worth a different can wright revews aand stuff its a lot of fun stuff.

heres a random pic. of tankman yay!!

need help? / my newgrounds.

i made a new post.dont know why

2010-02-01 10:52:54 by landonLC

this post name is billy.he sayes hi.

WWll art series

2009-12-29 14:56:33 by landonLC

im going all the WWll military flags in the art portal.look at them.there not ment to look good there ment to remind us all of a history.not a history wanted to be rememderd but 1 needed to be remberd.for this memory we know earth in out past, presnt and, futcher is not in peace and wont be.theres always going to be war, vilence and, hate among us.